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Hackers stole my idea, woman stands off repo man with gun, tenant with gun threatens landlord: A.M. News Links

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The revelations about NSA surveillance and everything we know about computer viruses might give paranoia a new shape: Tinfoil on the windows may no longer be helpful (just below.) In the aftermath of Halloween, we have trick-or-treaters robbed and a heroin-like drug that ruins your skin before it kills you (Crime Scene); and we have a lot of controversies, considering it’s Monday: Negotiations failing in Lorain; a new turn of the wheel in a drilling dispute; and a trio of unrelated stories on health controversies at bottom.

Woman files hacking conspiracy complaint  (Morning Journal: “The woman told police that thieves have been using a sophisticated
computer-hacking virus to steal her suburban planning concepts, and that
Cleveland officials had even given televised speeches word-for-word
using information stolen from her.”)

Repo gone wrong  (Norwalk Reflector: “Man pulls handgun and tells local woman he would ‘blow her head off’ if
she didn’t give him the keys; she answers with her stun gun.”)
| Repo man charged after wielding gun  (Sandusky Register)

Tenant threatens building manager at gunpoint to fix ceiling: Pick of the blotter   (Sun News. A why? crime. Perfectly understandable and yet so impractical)

Men snatch candy from trick or treaters in Lakewood: Pick of the blotter  (Sun News finds reports that several people in hoodies took candy away from children on the street. Another why? crime.)

The Crime Scene this morning

The petty-crime scene

  • Lake County teen admits making online threats (WTAM 1100AM)
  • Resident claims neighbor violates deer feeding ordinance: Avon Lake police blotter  (Sun News) 
  • Man jailed after dog left out in cold  (Sandusky Register)
  • Boys wearing Freddy Krueger masks frighten Bainbridge occupant: Police Blotter  (Sun News) 
  • Underwear thief gets caught red-handed: Brooklyn Police Blotter    (Sun News) 
  • Teens arrested for stealing shoes, clothes from classmates homes: South Euclid police blotter   (Sun News) 

In and out of business: Lockheed worries, $3 million for Flats, Chinese tires in Akron

  • Officials respond to Lockheed Martin potential Akron plant closure (Beacon-Journal)
  • Ohio grants $3 million for Flats East cleanup (WKSU-FM)
  • Chinese tire and rubber company opening Akron research center (WKSU-FM)

Today’s controversies: Tea Party, Voting machines, union fight, homeless shelter

Medical controversies: Pricing your disease, cheap drugs,

Source Article from http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2013/11/am_news_links_78.html

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