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Vouchers to cut cost of GED test

Thursday January 2, 2014 6:02 AM

CLEVELAND — Ohioans without high-school diplomas will have to pay more this year to take a test
for an equivalency certificate but can receive vouchers toward that expense if they get career
counseling beforehand at certain sites.

The GED test in Ohio is expected to cost $120 — triple the cost of last year — with the switch
from a paper test to a computerized version.

Test-takers can get $80 each in vouchers toward the cost if they meet with a counselor at one of
Ohio’s 91 career-technical district sites. The program was allotted $4 million in the state

“A lot of people take the GED because they want a better job,” Ohio Department of Education
spokesman John Charlton said. “If they are getting counseling to help with a resume and learn about
jobs, it helps.”

The American Council on Education, which administers the GED, decided the test should reflect
college-readiness standards.

More than 19,200 Ohioans took the GED last year, and 13,248 — more than two-thirds of them —
passed. About 1.4 million Ohioans had no high-school diploma, according to the GED Testing Service,
the state’s vendor.

The new test, which is scored immediately, contains sections on reading, math, science and
social studies, each costing $30. The vouchers for test-takers who get career counseling apply $20
to each section, Charlton said.

People who have passed some but not all sections of the old test will have to start fresh with
the new version.

Those who fail and must retake a section will be charged only $10, Charlton said.

The number of people taking the GED increased by nearly 2,000 between November and mid-December
compared with last year, Charlton said.

The GED is accepted as an alternative to a high-school diploma.

Statistics show people lacking a high-school diploma or GED have trouble finding jobs.

Source Article from http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/01/02/vouchers-to-cut-cost-of-ged-test.html

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